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P4❤️: The last programming course you’ll ever need

Programming for Lovers (P4❤️) is a free online course that teaches programming (using the Go language) by immersing learners in fun scientific applications.

Have you found that other coding resources just didn’t “stick” or hold your interest? If so, then you’re not alone! And P4❤️ is here to help.

You can meet Phillip Compeau in our intro video. Phillip has taught programming for years at Carnegie Mellon University and is thrilled to bring you this course.

“Become a stronger programmer”

P4❤️ helped me make the leap from spaghetti code to a systematic problem-solving approach for programming.

Ben Kleyner
Ben, Undergraduate Student

“P4❤️ is a privilege”

Having access to well-written material and hands-on coding videos within the same resource is fantastic, and now everyone with access to the internet has this privilege. “Go” ahead and use it!

Bengisu Kandemir
Bengisu, Molecular Biologist

“Engaging, Enjoyable, and Captivating”

P4❤️ creatively combines the foundations of coding with a scientific twist! It paved the way for my future as a computational biologist.

Sarah Baalbaki
Sarah, Master's Student

“Truly a unique gift”

With excellent videos and fascinating scientific applications, P4❤️ is impossible not to love.

Gopher Programming for Lovers Logo
Chantal, High School Student

“Accessible and rigorous”

P4❤️ incrementally builds your knowledge, with each chapter using engaging questions that push your abilities, teaching you to solve complex problems systematically.

Ethan Gaskin
Ethan, Master's Student

“I wish I had P4❤️ earlier!”

The lessons are organized in a very logical way, making the course very smooth and enjoyable. You will write elegant algorithms that will give you priceless insight into problem solving.

Gopher Programming for Lovers Logo
Ramez, High School Student


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